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16086Re: Miller ... Chronicles of Narnia ... NR Online

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  • Lezlie
    Dec 26 8:50 AM
      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Christine Howlett" <chowlett@e...> wrote:

      > I was born in 1967. I've never read them. Should I? Why? I
      mean, do you
      > think I would like them?
      > Walter.

      You might consider it-- if only to keep up with the conversation
      herein <grin>. I actually *didn't* like LWWW in grade school when we
      read it as a class -- but, I enjoyed all seven books as a teen when I
      read them to my little brother (who was born in 1965) and as an adult
      when my daughter and I read three of the seven together (she was born
      in 1984). She enjoyed them, too. I enjoy the hopeful message, the
      fanciful characters, and the touches of humor. I didn't think CSL was
      at all overbearing in his Christianity. I think my enjoyment of the
      books stemmed from my love of fairy tales rather than any theological
      consideration. Lewis led me back to Grimm & Perault and from there to
      all sorts of places since.

      Nowadays, my tastes in fantasy do run toward a more balanced views of
      adults -- men, especially, women, and even *children* -- than CSL (or,
      just about any writer in any genre of his generation) were able to
      imagine. It won't stop me from seeing the film.

      I, personally, find more interest and depth in Tolkien these days than
      in Lewis -- either in Narnia or his SF trilogy. Lezlie
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