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16084Re: [mythsoc] Council of Stewards Election

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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    Dec 25, 2005
      ftl_publications wrote:

      > I got my ballot today, filled it out, and will mail it in tomorrow.
      > Sorry to see Mary Kay, Scott, Ted and Matt go, but glad to see Janet
      > and Lynn join the Stewards.

      That's the same day mine showed up. Reminder to everyone, you can vote
      until the 31st. And e-mail ballots will be accepted. If you are a member
      of the Society, go to the website and get your ballot and vote now!

      > Some things I wondered about, though:
      > 2. I don't mind writing my name on the ballot, but some people might.
      > There are ways to keep the verification separate from the ballot,
      > from enclosing a separate validation form to simply writing one's
      > name and signature on the back of the envelope.

      We haven't separated validation and voting in the past. But if we can
      remember, it will be considered for the future.

      > 3. I noted no spaces to write in candidates for Discussion Group
      > Secretary and Mythopoeic Press Secretary. While I realize this is to
      > prevent people from writing in, say, Frodo Baggins as a candidate, it
      > might be useful to have some options for recommendations for these
      > vacancies. Speaking of which, I received Mythprint the same day and
      > didn't see the vacancies announced and volunteers encouraged to
      > apply, which I have seen for past vacancies.

      Yeh, we didn't want silly nominations for the empty slots. Vacancy
      information is to come soon in Mythprint. I think Scott is already
      working on someone for MythPress, but Discussion Group Secretary is
      definitely open. What we are trying to figure out is who should be
      formally in charge of the website. Up till now the keeper of the web has
      been a floating position. Anyone want it as a separate position? We
      don't have a Steward slot for it right now. All the work, none of the
      glory? We could also use a Publicity person, which is a Steward Position.

      If you think you might be interested in any of the posititions, e-mail
      Edith Crowe (e-mail addy at the website or on e-mail she's written to
      this group).

      > These are only my observations and suggestions for improvements, by
      > the way. I was happy to vote for all candidates.

      Thank you. We appreciate your vote of confidence.
      Mythically yours,
      Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
      Treasurer, The Mythopoeic Society
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