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16083Re: [mythsoc] Miller ... Chronicles of Narnia ... NR Online

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  • Christine Howlett
    Dec 25, 2005
      Certainly it depends on your tastes. If you still enjoy fiction written for
      children, then I think this would please you. I think CSL does a better job
      with the child characters and the animal characters than he does with his
      adult characters. The children seem more real and rounded, a realistic
      compound of good and bad, yet still rather fetching. The space trilogy
      seemed almost a bad morality play with characters that got to be more and
      more cardboard. I liked the fantasy and I loved the animal characters. But
      if you find talking animals too cutesy, then by all means avoid it.
      I was born in 1967. I've never read them. Should I? Why? I mean, do you
      think I would like them?

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