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16077Re: [mythsoc] Miller ... Chronicles of Narnia ... NR Online

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  • Stolzi
    Dec 24, 2005
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      From: "John D Rateliff" <sacnoth@...>

      > It was interesting, in our latest Mythlond meeting, to find out
      > folk's reaction to Narnia. I think without exception it turned out
      > that those who had first read it as children still loved it after
      > many re-readings and found it retained its charm now that they were
      > adults. Those who read it for the first time as adults found it dull,
      > bland, or offensive

      Well, in a counter-data-point, I first read them at college-age or even
      later, and loved
      them. I'm trying to remember if I read them all before purchasing the boxed
      set in the bookshop of Westminster Abbey during a Dec. 1967 stay in

      Diamond Proudbrook
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