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  • John D Rateliff
    Dec 23, 2005
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      On Dec 23, 2005, at 8:13 AM, Lezlie wrote:
      > almost every child
      > and quite a few adults who have read the Narnia books loved them.
      > "Narnia" and it's messages of hope transcends notions like "liberal",
      > "conservative" in religious and certainly political bias.

      It was interesting, in our latest Mythlond meeting, to find out
      folk's reaction to Narnia. I think without exception it turned out
      that those who had first read it as children still loved it after
      many re-readings and found it retained its charm now that they were
      adults. Those who read it for the first time as adults found it dull,
      bland, or offensive. Personally, re-reading the series for the first
      time in twenty-four years, I'm finding them better than I remembered
      them, though still not good. So think it's like MacDonald, something
      you have to grow up with to see the appeal of. Which makes Tolkien's
      ability to draw in both young and adult readers all the more
      The movie, which we finally saw last night, was interesting: its
      fidelity in the whole made the departures in specifics stand out. I
      think the Christian element is far more submerged in the film than in
      the book: it's much easier to enjoy simply as a story without judging
      it as a theological work, which I think was exactly the right choice
      to make for a film.

      > Gov. Bush
      > simply sounds ridiculous and why anyone would bother to quote such a
      > silly statement is beyond comprehension. I am certain that CS Lewis
      > himself would agree. No one is going to take these books off school
      > library shelves unless the Right makes a stink about their "religious
      > values." Lezlie

      Afraid you've lost me here. I didn't see any quote from J.Bush in the
      article. Am I missing something?


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