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16007Re: [mythsoc] Defense of Pullman against Narnians

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  • John D Rateliff
    Dec 11, 2005
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      > Well, Charlotte Bronte hated =Austen=, so there

      Yes, so did Mark Twain. Their loss. Similarly, neither CSL nor
      Dunsany could stand, or understand, T. S. Eliot's poetry. Such knocks
      reflect badly on the folks making them but do no real harm to their

      Speaking of nasty swipes at authors, the best part of the RINGERS
      documentary was a little animated skit done in Monty-Pythonesque
      (Terry Gilliam) style, where cardboard figures of Edmund Wilson,
      Philip Toynbee, and Harold Bloom ran down LotR (and those who admired
      it), with the voiceovers using actual quotes from their essays, only
      to have the three smug critics discomforted and reduced to quivering
      silence by winged cut-outs of CSL and WH Auden arriving on the scene
      with (laudatory) quotes of their own. That, and the scene with David
      Carradine where he talked about having tried to get a role in the
      LotR film back in the 70s then, upon learning to his horror that they
      were planning to make an animated film, trying to talk Bakshi out of
      the idea.

      Finally, here's a Narnian reference I couldn't make head or tails of.
      It's from the Sept. 16th issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, page 88, a
      review of the new cd "Takk" by the group Sigur Ros: "At times Takk
      almost rocks--as much as tiny ice-crystal elves from the magical land
      of Narnia can rock." Huh? Does that actually mean anything at all, or
      is the reviewer just being "clever"?


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