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1600Le Mythprint

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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    Jun 5, 2000
      Well, Miss Ellie's June MYTHPRINT arrived in my mailbox: as always an
      excellent production.

      I read the "Calls for Papers" and found myself transfixed by this one... "THE
      JOURNAL OF MUNDANE BEHAVIOR, a new on-line inter- and cross-disciplinary
      journal ... is devoted to the theoretical and methodological development of
      the study of the 'unmarked' - the unnoticed, depoliticized, ordinary aspects
      of our everyday lives ... "

      I went to the site http://www.mundanebehavior.org and it is not =quite= as
      ridiculous as it sounds, still...

      I am thinking of submitting a study in Toilet Rollology: you know, the
      ongoing controversy; should the roll unroll, when mounted, from the top side
      or the bottom?

      Mary S