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  • Jonathan Michael Reiter
    Dec 7, 2005
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      I don't WANT to ban Shakespeare, Far From It! I think it ought to be in the curriculum every where there are kids going to school, who are old enough to read, let alone be reading the classics...
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      "Wha-at!?!?! No more Merchant of Venice because of some Anti-Semitism!?!?"

      Please, you could say any of Shakespeare's plays was "anti" something or has
      something objectionable:

      King Lear - Misogyny (Regan and Goneril), violence

      Titus Andronicus - Misogyny (Tamora), violence

      MacBeth - Anti-Scottish, also misogyny (Lady MacBeth)

      Othello - Racist, or anti-black

      Romeo and Juliet - Teenage sex, teenage suicide

      Midsummer Night's Dream - homosexuality (fairies), makes fun of short people

      Taming of the Shrew - Misogynist

      All's Well That Ends Well - adultery

      As You Like It - Crossdressing

      Measure for Measure - pregnancy out of wedlock

      ...and on and on and on.

      Rather than ban it outright how about encouraging discussion of the issue
      instead? I think that's much more helpful and thoughtful, especially since
      Shylock's monologue, no matter what else is in the play is one of the
      greatest entreaties AGAINST prejudice and racism in history. Especially
      since there's an interesting history lesson here, there's a lot to study
      about the status of Jews in England at the time this play was written and to
      compare it to society today and the status of various races.

      But, no, let's just ban it, instead.


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