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15971Re: [mythsoc] Defense of Narnia against Pullman

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  • David Bratman
    Dec 7, 2005
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      At 01:57 PM 12/7/2005 -0500, alexeik@... wrote:

      >Nowhere in _His Dark Materials_ (or in any of his criticism of Lewis that
      >I've read) does Pullman refer in any way to Christian scripture, or indeed
      >engage in any kind of meaningful argument with Christian belief or doctrine.

      I no longer have the original article, but I recall that the Pullman
      statement I was responding to cited the New Testament as saying the highest
      value was love and declared that love was totally absent from Narnia.
      Thus, Pullman referring to Christian scripture in the course of his
      criticism of Lewis.

      >In specific relation to Lewis, my impression is that his
      >main concern is the fate of Susan, which he sees as the main scandal of
      >Narnia. He attributes Lewis's disapproval of Susan not to her having become
      >shallow and vain in her adolescence (as Lewis describes), but to her having
      >undergone sexual awakening.

      Which proves that he hasn't read the books, since 1) all of the Pevensies
      are post-pubescent by the time of the "Susan is no longer a friend of
      Narnia" conversation; 2) Susan, and the others, had undergone sexual
      awakening to the extent of courtship in the final chapter of LWW.

      >While "Turkish Delight" in LWW does have a connotation of sensual pleasure,
      >the fact that it plays a negative role would only exarcebate Pullman's

      Sure, but that's only the worst example. All the good characters love
      Aslan. Does Pullman think that a) that's sexual; b) if not sexual, bad; c)
      that non-sexual love is not a justified use of the word "love"? If A or B,
      he's a sick little puppy; if C, he's flying in the face of every English
      translation of Jesus that I've ever heard of. That's the question I'm
      trying to ask: is it A, B, or C, and if none of the above, what am I missing?

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