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  • Bonnie Callahan
    Dec 3, 2005
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      Christine does raise a salient point. i've seen victims of abuse that involved
      religious themes
      either become crazed atheist firebrands or found their own equally abusive
      cults. What goes on
      in these minds? I'd love to set Phil down in a pub and pick his brain over a
      couple of pints!


      Christine Howlett wrote:

      > I think that Philip Pullman is a talented writer with great powers of
      > imagination. I started reading his trilogy, having been intrigued by some
      > reviews of the first book, The Golden Compass. It was very well-done, and
      > the protagonist child, Lyra, was an interesting person and the parallel
      > universe was powerfully imagined. I thought it was far too dark for the
      > supposed target audience of children, but for teenagers and adults it was
      > fine. The second book was another matter and I could not get over it. It
      > was far darker and more violent, and it became explicit that the religious
      > figures were the bad guys, which I could have accepted (power corrupts even
      > the believers) except that the characters who had been violent and greedy in
      > the first book are somehow now to become the good guys? No, can't handle
      > that. I didn't pick up the third one. Between the book reviews and the
      > comments among the mythsoccers it was obvious that I would have really
      > disliked it. It seems such a shame and such a waste that a marvelously
      > talented person like Pullman is putting this talent to trying to prove that
      > black is white and bad is good. It does make me wonder what rabid preacher
      > bit him as a child.
      > Christine
      > From: "Cai Cherie" <eternityfindsitself@...>
      > To: <mythsoc@yahoogroups.com>>
      > > Thank you Proudbrook for posting the CHE article that actually quotes
      > > Pullman. Up to now I have assumed that since Pullman is considered a good
      > > author, his objections to Narnia made sense. I had heard about his
      > > charges of sexism and racism and there is some of what we now consider to
      > > be sexism and racism in the books. Yet it obviously stems from Lewis's
      > > being at a certain time and place in history. And there is some violence
      > > that can be gratifying in ways alot of folks do not like to acknowledge,
      > > so the sadism charge has some truth to it (especially to the reader who is
      > > already prone in that direction and so picks up on it most readily.) But
      > > to say Lewis preaches that death is better than life or that there is no
      > > love in Narnia? No love?
      > >
      > > Is Pullman morally insane? Or he has never read Narnia? Unfortunetly, it
      > > must be one or the other, is there any other possibility? Perhaps he was
      > > drunk when he said that? If Pullman can lie to himself and others so as
      > > to say there is no love in Narnia, or if he is constitutionally unable to
      > > apphrend the love in Narnia, something is off. Way way off. Whatever bent
      > > him this badly is very sad and vey tragic, since he is said to have great
      > > talents. But he seems to be pleased to be bent so badly, and that is the
      > > saddest thing of all. Let us hope, pray and bless what is good in him in
      > > real hope that God will have mercy on him and bring him to his senses.
      > >
      > > Lets start at the beginning. Does anyone know -why- he is morally
      > > insane. If that was commonly understood, it might help him move on to a
      > > better understanding of himself and his views.
      > >
      > > Cai, who realizes she has been too patient and tolorent on this one.
      > >
      > > P.S.
      > >
      > > Rowling, in talking about some how some misguided conservative Christians
      > > saw develry in "Harry Potter" said something like -- "when a donkey looks
      > > in a mirror the author is not responsible for what the poor ass sees."
      > >
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