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15933Re: [mythsoc] CSL on live-action Aslan: "Blasphemy"

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  • David Bratman
    Dec 3, 2005
      At 10:25 AM 12/3/2005 -0600, Mike Foster wrote:
      >We discussed this yesterday when Far Westfarthing smial discussed LWW.
      >Gresham had defended his re-ordering at Belmont University's CSL
      >conference Nov. 3. Applauders included me. Though I had tried
      >severally to read in the publication order, never got further than VotDT.
      >Bought the reordered set & sped through those puppies.

      That's very interesting; you're the first person I've encountered to report
      feeling that way.

      However, it need not prove that the reordering is better. After all, by
      your own account you had read LWW, PC, and VDT before you first read MN.
      So in fact your first-reading order (the ordering debate is not meant to
      apply to subsequent readings) was closer to a publication-first order than
      to a chronological order, even though it was not exactly the same as either.

      The one good argument against publication-first order is that Lewis became
      a better writer as he went along through the Chronicles. Or at least I'd
      agree with that statement, though that hasn't prevented LWW from becoming
      the most indispensable classic volume of the set (which is why the first
      movie was made of it, and why, for instance, children's lit expert K.V.
      Johansen believes you should read LWW first, even though she accepts the
      chronological order). But despite Lewis's improving writing I'd call the
      best books SC (my own favorite of the set) and HHB, as MN and LB, though
      written later, to my mind suffer slightly from being too concerned with
      wrapping up beginnings and endings.

      David Bratman
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