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15911Re: [mythsoc] Re: can anyone recommend books/videos for a 10-yr-old girl?

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  • Ellen
    Dec 1, 2005
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      Lezlie wrote:

      >Jane Yolen:
      I second the Jane Yolen recommendation.

      I also had another thought for a film that I don't believe anyone has
      mentioned yet - /Spirited Away - /the English-dubbed version of a
      Japanese animated film that won the 2003 Oscar. It is a marvelous fairy
      tale of a girl who ends up in a world of spirits and, among other
      adventures, has to stand up to some very unusual spirit characters,
      befriend a dragon, and rescue her parents, who have been turned into
      pigs. It is also a great cross-cultural experience because of the
      Japanese setting and mythology. I loved this so much I have rented it
      three times total, and I seldom do that for a movie. I highly recommend
      checking it out!

      Ellen Denham

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