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15736Re: [mythsoc] Narnia movie

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  • Margaret Dean
    Nov 7 7:32 PM
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      Stolzi wrote:
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: "Margaret Dean" <margdean@...>
      > >
      > > Wouldn't they need those parts for the end of the book/movie,
      > > when the four of them have been ruling in Narnia long enough to
      > > grow into adults? Presumably they'd be shown hunting the white
      > > deer, etc. ... and then when they pass back into our world,
      > > they're children again.
      > >
      > Oh gosh, Margaret you're right. I'd been envisaging a "framing scene" in
      > England, with the adults discussing their childhood and maybe even Susan
      > showing first seeds of disbelief. Susan's been on my mind since Grace
      > Monk gave a paper about her at Past Watchful Dragons.
      > I guess I would have called those actors "King Peter" rather than "Adult
      > Peter," etc. if I'd been writing the cast list.

      Good point, and it very well may be as you say (No, I don't trust
      moviemakers an inch, why do you ask? :)). But it wouldn't =have=
      to be.

      --Margaret Dean
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