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  • Stolzi
    Nov 7 2:23 PM
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      Doug Gresham, who spoke at the opening banquet for PAST WATCHFUL DRAGONS,
      sold copies of his new (rather slight) book JACK'S LIFE. I was aggravated
      to have bought it bec it is obviously by
      its style - and overtly in so many words, in the conclusion - a bio of Lewis
      for children, yet it was marketed at this conference without ever a word or
      hint to that effect.

      Well, at least it was cheap; and it isn't too =bad=.

      I did think he was rather riding a hobby horse in an excess number of
      paragraphs about How Awful War Is. Sure, it is awful, and the two wars
      surely had a large impact on CSL as well as his friends and family. But I
      don't think Lewis himself would have wanted to dwell on the subject that
      much, - stiff upper lip and all that. And it comes ill from a man like Doug
      who as far as I know has never been in any war. In fact, this morning in
      LETTERS v. 2, I was just reading some wartime snarky comments from Jack
      about high-minded intellectual c.o.'s who have never, he says, been known to
      be troubled by their consciences about anything before.

      It would be great to influence all the children of the world forever against
      war. If it could be ALL the children of the world. I don't see that
      situation today.

      Diamond Proudbrook
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