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15719RE: [mythsoc] count the errors

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  • David Bratman
    Nov 7, 2005
      One of many factual errors in the article, although the distorted
      interpretations are even more harmful. (Even A.N. Wilson, the most
      salacious of Lewis's biographers - that should tell you how to rank his
      work - doesn't spend as much space in an entire book on Lewis's dark "inner
      drives" or his lusts for comely young matrons as White does in one short

      The nugget of fact in the statement you query is that Lewis's later
      religious commentaries were not quite the aggressively muscular apologetics
      that his earlier books were.

      David Bratman

      At 02:25 PM 11/6/2005 -0600, Jay Hershberger wrote:

      >I don't know much about the shape and chronology of Lewis' life,
      >but even I was able to detect multiple errors in Mr. White's article.
      >For instance, Mr. White claims that Lewis never wrote another word of
      >"religious commentary" after 1949. Is this true? If I am mistaken,
      >please let me know; I thought that Letters to Malcolm and A Grief
      >Observed were both written rather late. Do they not count as "religious
      >commentary?" What about the Chronicles themselves? They at least
      >induce religious commentary by others. Any thoughts?
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