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1571Re: [mythsoc] The Masques of Amen House

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  • Matthew Winslow
    May 15, 2000
      David S. Bratman [dbratman@...] wrote:
      > I have what I hope is a cheering announcement. No, I haven't decided
      > that _The Phantom Menace_ is the greatest work since Gilgamesh, but I am
      > here to say that _The Masques of Amen House_ will be published by The
      > Mythopoeic Press this summer. Probably in July.

      This is wonderful news. One question: have the masques ever been performed?
      And will we be seeing a performance at an upcoming Mythcon?

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      Your usual disclaimer was missing. Does this mean that you /are/ responsible
      for this ad? <g>

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