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1570The Masques of Amen House

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  • David S. Bratman
    May 15, 2000
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      I have what I hope is a cheering announcement. No, I haven't decided
      that _The Phantom Menace_ is the greatest work since Gilgamesh, but I am
      here to say that _The Masques of Amen House_ will be published by The
      Mythopoeic Press this summer. Probably in July.

      _The Masques of Amen House_ are three short plays by Charles Williams
      allegorizing the publication, sale, and reprinting of a scholarly book,
      deriving from his own work as an editor at the Oxford University Press.
      They are mythological and allusive as all Williams's work is, but even if
      you normally dislike Williams I fancy you might get a kick out of them.

      I've been working on compiling and editing this book, in one way or
      another, for about five years now, and I'm delighted that it's about to
      reach the public. The first two masques were only printed privately in
      the 1920s, and are unavailable commercially, though the first one was
      recently printed by the Charles Williams Society in their journal. Apart
      from that, they've been basically unseen by anyone except a few scholars.

      The book is 206 pages, and the price without shipping is $14. The Press is
      _not_ taking pre-publication orders, because we don't yet know what the
      shipping cost will be. This will of course be announced as soon as the
      Press is ready to take orders.

      Besides the three masques (The Masque of the Manuscript, The Masque of
      Perusal, and The Masque of the Termination of Copyright), the book
      includes a large selection of related poetry by Williams (most of it
      previously unpublished), five selections from Hubert Foss's musical
      settings of the masques for voices and piano (also previously
      unpublished), plus textual notes, commentaries, a long introduction to
      the masques by Bernadette Bosky, and a separate introduction/commentary
      on the music.
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