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  • Mike Foster
    Oct 3, 2005
      I second Ms. Monk's motion.

      Rowling has a nominative (name-giving) gift that exceeds Lewis' and
      perhaps is second only to Tolkien.

      Rank rash dismissal of her reminds me of remark made to me by a retired
      ICC earth science prof at an ol' bleeps' breakfast last week:
      "When you started teaching that Tolkien class [in 1978], there were a
      lot of people who were skeptical."

      Yeah, well, coprolites to you, chum. Tolkien is literature of the
      finest. Rowling may be nowhere near that level, but she should not be
      sneered away to the toy department, Wendell.

      As Pogo the possum used to say:


      Walkermonk@... wrote:

      >In a message dated 7/22/2005 9:48:29 AM Central Daylight Time,
      >WendellWag@... writes:
      >The Harry Potter
      >books are still a teenage-angst series with magic names slapped on
      >This is incorrect. The stories are about the struggle between good and evil,
      >and how difficult it is to sometimes recognize good and the sacrifices
      >required for doing what is right. The ratio of magic names is quite low compared to
      >just regular names. And teenage angst? When did angst become the sole province
      >of teenagers and why is there contempt for teenage feelings? The situations
      >being confronted by the teenagers in the HP books aren't for the faint of heart
      >or the immature of character. Do the teenagers handle the situations
      >differently than the adults portrayed? Yes. The teens aren't always correct either. But
      >they matter, and I don't see anything wrong in that. The HP books aren't my
      >favorite and I think they have some flaws. But Wendell's contemptuous one-line
      >dismissal is far below what the books deserve.
      >Incidentally, I read a news story about Rowling recently in which she said
      >that she never read (or, more precisely, she never finished) either _The Lord
      >of the Rings_ or _The Chronicles of Narnia_.
      >Well, according to this particular article (which immediately loses points
      >with me by mentioning Rowling's haircolor), Rowling must have at least read "The
      >Last Battle." So if she hasn't finished Narnia, then I wonder which one(s)
      >she left out. This is at odds, btw, with many other interviews and other
      >statements about Lewis.
      >Grace Monk
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