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15567We found our friend!!!

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  • lezlie1@znet.com
    Sep 9, 2005
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      Hello! We found our friend!!! Thank you, everyone, for your help. Lezlie

      ________FWD Message_________

      Dear Lezlie,
      Inaquan & Daniel are both alive and well thanks to Jehovah God! They
      are staying at Wanda's, a friends home in Arkansas.
      I spoke to Hallie today and gave her the Tel. # and Address for
      where she is staying.


      One of the results of this historic process is that all living beings that
      exist in any moment have come to this moment through a history of congruent
      changes. In this history each has changed congruently, each with each
      another, and all together, as each constitutes the medium for the other,
      either directly or indirectly. (Maturana & Bunnell, 1997, p. 4)