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15546Any Texans here?

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  • lezlie1@znet.com
    Sep 1, 2005
      Please... if you are near Houston and can check on these folk...friends in
      California are looking for these people we think (we hope) are headed to
      Houston. They have people who will help them find housing, medical care,
      transportation and whatever else they need.

      They are:

      Inauquan Lone white Eagle, lately of NOLA. Hallie says, "Please check in!
      Come here until things settle down!! We can help."

      The Ackerman family; Linda, Larry, son: Mike and granddaughter Evette.
      Also lately of NOLA. Verna says: "Please check in."

      I don't think you will be able to find them before tomorrow at the earliest
      ... Thanks, so much! You can have them write to me & I will forward all
      messages. Thanks. Lezlie (in Berkeley) lezlie@...

      One of the results of this historic process is that all living beings that
      exist in any moment have come to this moment through a history of congruent
      changes. In this history each has changed congruently, each with each
      another, and all together, as each constitutes the medium for the other,
      either directly or indirectly. (Maturana & Bunnell, 1997, p. 4)