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155Re: Tolkien in Romania

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  • Diane Baker
    Apr 6, 1999
      Edith Crowe wrote:
      > From: Edith Crowe <ecrowe@...>
      > Folks, see the message below from a Tolkien scholar in Romania. If you
      > know of anything that may help her, please feel free to contact her.
      > Joan, is there any way to subscribe to this list if you have email but
      > don't have web access? That's often the case with people in less
      > electronically endowed countries.
      > Edith Crowe
      > Subject: Tolkien research
      > Date: Wed, 23 Jan 1980 22:08:06 +0200 (EET)
      > From: Diana FALIBOGA <diana@...>
      > To: ecrowe@...
      > Dear Ms. Crowe,
      > My name is Diana Faliboga and I am currently working on a Ph.D. thesis
      > on
      > JRR Tolkien. I contacted your society about a year ago trying to get in
      > touch with people who have the same interests as me. For various reasons
      > I
      > had to stop my research and I had little access to Internet. As my
      > University from Iasi, Romania restored its network I can communicate
      > easier with you.
      > The main problem about my research is the lack of information and
      > bibliography upon Tolkien and the Inklings because people here in
      > Romania
      > hardly know about them and the libraries are pretty poor in such
      > materials.
      > Can you suggest me a graduate program of studies in the USA that would
      > allow me to work on my research or a tutor that could help me?
      > I would also like to know the latest news about you and your work
      > because
      > you are doing a pretty good one.
      > In the meantime I wish you Happy Easter.
      > Thank you vey much for your time and look forward to hearing from you.
      > Sincerely yours,
      > Diana (a hobbit who lost his way but has no fellowship)

      I don't know much about the computer end of it, but I hope she can find
      a tutor; I'd think that they'd need Romanian as well as expertise in
      Tolkien. In the meantime, I'd think Alexei might be terriffic! ---djb.
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