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15331Re: [mythsoc] Sam, was:: O.W.L.'s in Harry Potter (spoiler at end)

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  • David Bratman
    Aug 2, 2005
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      At 01:27 AM 8/3/2005 +0000, Joan Marie Verba wrote:

      >Having read both yours and David B's comments on this issue (and I
      >have read David B's response to this), I have to say I'm inclined to
      >agree with you, Grace. It's easy to see all the options after the
      >fact, but at the time, I think Sam made the best choice he could.

      Not contradictory, Joan. Sam did make the best choice he could: then later
      he changed his mind and decided it had been wrong. Then he got further
      information (Frodo isn't dead - I'm sorry, is that a spoiler?) and decided
      he had been wronger still.

      But it's because he makes the best choice available to him at the time that
      the following turns out to be true:

      >(I do agree, however, with David B's later comment that It All Turned
      >Out Right In The End For A Reason, even if Sam's choice at the time
      >was admittedly awkward and admittedly he had other options, and may
      >have even thought of other options if circumstances had been

      I only brought this up in the first place to point out the difference in
      dynamic between Sam leaving Frodo and Harry feeding Dumbledore birdwater.
      There's no right or wrong here, they're just very different stories of
      heroes in extrema.

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