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15329Re: O.W.L.'s in Harry Potter (spoiler at end)

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  • ftl_publications
    Aug 2, 2005
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      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Beth Russell" <russells@s...> wrote:

      > To me the whole ending has a strong whiff of Reichenbach Falls or the
      > Bridge of Khazad Doom. What if Snape was following the Headmaster's
      > previous orders just as Harry did at the birdbath?

      For the record, I have not read HP6 yet (I'm still at about page 550 in
      Order of the Phoenix, which I've been reading all summer). However, I
      have been reading the HP6 spoilers: what astonished me was not who
      died, but who did the deed.

      In any event, I'm not particularly worried. In the Potter universe, a
      lot of residents of Hogwarts stay active after death (talk to Nearly
      Headless Nick, for instance, or the people in the portraits).

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