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153Phantastes Spring Issue Online

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  • Staci Dumoski
    Mar 24, 1999
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      The spring issue of Phantastes, The Online Journal of Fantasy Literature,
      "The Language of Fantasy" is now online at


      This issue features an interview with Stephen R. Donaldson, author of the
      Chronicles of Thomas Covenant and the Gap Into Conflict series. Moira
      Allen talks with authors Rosemary Edgehill, Kate Elliott, Deborah
      Christian, Kim Headlee, Katherine Kerr, and Victoria Strauss about the
      naming of characters.

      Please note: we've changed our URL so be sure to update any bookmarks or
      links you may have made! Our archive structure has changed as well, so if
      you've linked to a specific article from a past issue, be sure get the new
      and complete path. I'll be happy to help with any problems.

      As always, Phantastes is accepting submissions for future issues.
      Upcoming themes include "Heroes and Heroines" and "Making Magic". Visit
      the site for submission guidelines, and be sure to read this issue's
      editorial, which addresses our needs (and your wants).

      Staci Ann Dumoski, editor

      Staci Ann Dumoski Phantastes
      http://errantry.hypermart.net "The Fantasy Writer's Guide"
      http://www.nocturne.org/~unicorn http://www.phantastes.com