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15284RE: [mythsoc] HP6-a different view

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  • Debra Murphy
    Jul 26, 2005
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      I think Janet's is an astute observation. Rowlings has always
      reminded me of Dickens more than anyone, and it's a wild-and-woolly
      type of imagination, especially with characters, that I find
      enormously attractive.

      My kids (aged 7 to 24) and I all love HP, and some of us are going to
      be re-reading the entire series in the next year in order to put
      together our own scenarios of how we think JKR will finish it all up.

      I, too, was somewhat annoyed with Harry in book 5, but felt it was not
      only important for the boy's character arc as an adolescent, but may
      also have plot significance which will only be illumined in no. 7.
      Loved number 6--Harry's maturity, the tightness of the plot, and the
      maddening cliffhanger about a certain character-who-will-not-be-named.

      Debra Murphy

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      > Yes, I have to agree with both of you. It's character that
      > does it for me, and there is that Dickensian way with both
      > the eccentric and sympathetic characters, and even (or
      > perhaps especially) the villains.
      > And there's the background, the elaboate twists and
      > cliff-hangers, the sense of a whole elaborate and crowded
      > world. Thank goodness she's gone light on the
      > death-of-Tiny-Tim sort of pathos that ruind Dickens for many
      > people. I know David doesn't like Dickens much, and maybe
      > that's the difference -- Dickens people and those who aren't
      > Dickens people may have different reactions to Rowling.
      > I didn't like Harry much in Book 5 either, but now I find him
      > more sympathetic...

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