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15280Re: [mythsoc] HP6-a different view

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  • Walkermonk@aol.com
    Jul 26, 2005
      In a message dated 7/25/2005 10:46:27 PM Central Standard Time,
      saraciborski@... writes:

      Well, I will venture an opinion contrary to David's scathing one (and
      to the negative views expressed in a couple of other posts). I love
      all the Harry Potter books and I think the 6th, though not the best
      of the lot, is a great read. They are not literary masterpieces and
      the themes are at times muddled. But they are wonderfully engaging
      portrayals of some delightful characters, both children and adults.
      What draws me into Rowling's world and holds me there through
      occasional lapses in the writing is Harry himself: what counts in the
      story, what decides the outcome is not the magic tricks he does but
      his mix of courage, determination, longing (for his parents),
      ingenuity, loyalty, recklessness, fun-lovingness and other qualities
      that develop as he grows up. I would have missed getting to know him,
      had Rowling stopped with the bright, fresh and bouncy first book.

      Sara Ciborski


      Sara, I agree with many of your points. In contrast to David B.'s
      experience, I found the first one to be enjoyable like candy is enjoyable -- sweet,
      quick, and gone. The second one didn't do much more for me, I enjoyed the third
      and fourth, and hated much of the fifth. In fact, I was actually angry about
      the fifth one. It had a couple of really good scenes, but the overall
      structure and the ending conversation between Dumbledore and Harry especially grated
      on me. And then somehow I find myself loving "Half-Blood Prince." I really
      feel strongly about it.

      Thanks for your post!
      Grace Monk

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