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  • dianejoy@earthlink.net
    Jul 4, 2005
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      Not so much connected with summer, but I do remember *Foundation* and the
      two sequels. I bought from a dusty drug-store wire-rack; read them in a
      dark corner till I wangled the money to finally buy them. I read all year
      round, not only in summer, so it's hard to come up with specific summer
      lists. I hope they're reading the Arthurian tales before they read *I Am
      Mordred.* Sounds like a good list: loved *Something Wicked* (better than
      the Disney film, o'course), and *Flowers for Algernon.* I may have read
      that in summer.

      Sometimes, I wish I'd had the habit of keeping a list of books I'd read as
      a child, and through adulthood. I started doing that a couple of years
      back, but it's really hard to keep up! I'm sure I've skipped some, and I
      know I've skipped some re-reads. Then there are the books you start but
      put down . . . ---djb

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      From: Bill West lunacy2@...
      Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 14:12:16 -0400
      To: mythsoc@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [mythsoc] Summer Reading

      Just thought I'd tell what I'm reading at the moment. I'm about
      a third of the way through Jim Butcher's /"Academe's Fury" /and
      have Janny Wurts' /"Traitor's Knot" /waiting to be read next. And
      there's new books by Patricia McKillip, Terry Brooks, Lois
      Bujold and Glenn Cook tempting me every day at work.

      I just finished /"The Red House" /by Melzer which is the story of
      a house in a nearby town that was owned by one family from its
      construction in 1637 until its sale to the author's father in 1965.
      There's a perosnal connection since it turns out the builder of the
      house was the brother in law of one of my ancestors.

      Also,I'd thought I'd ask if there are certain books that you've
      read in summers past that are linked in your mind to those
      summer memories? In my case, for example, I first read
      Tolkien as a summer camp counselor.( I borrowed a fellow
      counselor's Ace editions.) And it was also the same summer I
      read both EE Doc Smith's sf series and Edgar Rice Burroughs
      John Carter of Mars series. / /So when I see those books on my
      I think of those days when I bought them at a small bookstore on the
      main street of Hyannis and reading them while lying on my bunk
      at night after the kids were asleep.
      Anyone else have similiar associations?
      / /Bill

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