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15205Re: [mythsoc] "half-orcs"

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  • David Bratman
    Jul 2, 2005
      "But these creatures of Isengard, these half-orcs and goblin-men that the
      foul craft of Saruman has bred, they will not quail at the sun" - chapter
      3.7, p. 142
      "We had many of these half-orcs to deal with at Helm's Deep" - chapter 3.9,
      p. 171 (Joe's citation)
      "Of all the ends to our journey this is the very last I should have thought
      of: to have to fight half-orcs and ruffians in the Shire itself - to rescue
      Lotho Pimple!" - chapter 6.8, p. 285

      At 04:45 PM 7/2/2005 -0500, Joe R. Christopher wrote:
      >I just ran across an error in the 1978 edition of Robert Foster's _The
      >Complete Guide to Middle-earth_. No doubt Foster has corrected it since
      >then, and no doubt everyone else using the book knows about it, but in case
      >I have really hit on something new, let me note it. Under "Half-Orcs," 2nd
      >paragraph, Foster says "The half-orcs (the term is not used in
      >LotR)...". But I find the term in _The Two Towers_, Ch. 9 (on p. 171 of
      >the 1st ed.).
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