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15197Am I the only one who's willing to be helpful about this guy's request?

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  • David Lenander
    Jul 2, 2005
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      Actually, Wendell, I was replying offlist. We actually have lots of
      people in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin, probably even a few in So.
      Dakota, who could serve. My first thought was Louisa Smith, a
      professor at Mankato, who read a paper at the last (the "Second")
      Mankato Tolkien Conference. She was a grad student at the U of MN-Twin
      Cities in the 70s-80s and did work on H.R. Millar--E. Nesbit's
      illustrator, as well as an interesting Tolkien paper at the 2nd Mankato
      conference. But we also have lots of other academics and independent
      scholars and such, from Doug Rossman and Chris Seeman in Iowa, to Jack
      Zipes, Ruth Berman and Peter Firchow in Minneapolis, to Mike Levy and
      Jan Bogstad and Richard West (and people in Milwaukee) in Wisconsin.
      Not to mention Fosston, MN--a location further from Mankato than the
      folks in Iowa or Western Wisconsin.

      And thanks, David B, for thinking of us.

      Some of us attended the Second Mankato Tolkien Conference, and I will
      look forward to the Third. This is actually more advance notice than
      we had of the second. Gary Hunnewell was the goh at the Second
      conference, and Mike Foster was the goh at the follow up conference, a
      few years later at St. Thomas.

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      > Am I the only one who's willing to be helpful about this guy's
      > request?
      > Here are some more suggestions: [. . . .]

      > Wendell Wagner
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      David Lenander, The Rivendell Discussion Group of the Mythopoeic
      Society (Twin Cities, MN--a couple of hours north of Mankato)
      2095 Hamline Ave. N.
      Roseville, MN 55113