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15196Re: [mythsoc] Keynote Speaker question

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  • David Bratman
    Jul 2, 2005
      A keynote speaker is one who sets the theme, and need not necessarily be
      the top scholar present. (A keynote speaker is not the same as a Guest of
      Honor.) Conferences I've attended with keynote speakers usually have them
      give general, introductory addresses and leave the technical wizardry to
      the papers sessions. I imagine there are people in our Twin Cities group
      who'd be very good keynote speakers, who'd have good things to say that
      would be scholarly too, and who'd be quite easy to get.


      At 07:11 AM 6/29/2005 -0700, Danielle Karpouzian wrote:
      >I am in grad school in Mankato, MN and am organizing a Tolkien conference
      >for Spring Semester. While we are still in the early planning stages
      >(getting a CFP together) and solidifying dates, I was wondering who would
      >make a good (CHEAP) keynote speaker? I have emailed Tom Shippey, and he
      >said that the drive would be too far unless he was going to be up in Duluth
      >at the medieval archives there...
      >Does anyone have any other suggestions? Our focus is going to be
      >(tentitavely) "Applicibility for Today?" and we will be having panels/papers
      >on film as well as Tolkien's literature...
      >Also, if anyone is interested in submitting, I will be more than happy to
      >send out a CFP when we have gotten that far...
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