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151824, 5 & 6 graders...suggestions for short stories?

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  • lezlie1@znet.com
    Jul 1, 2005
      Hello all,
      I'm doing a little teaching at UC Berkeley's "Summer Camp for Gifted
      Children" this July. (A teacher fell while out salsa dancing and broke her
      ankle-- she may have just strained the Achilles tendon, the X-rays aren't
      clear. So, would I like the job? I don't normally teach youngsters, but...

      Three classes for three weeks staring Monday. I'll be teaching writing to
      middle schoolers, speech to 4 & 5 graders (that should be fun), and --
      FANTASY FICTION!! to 4, 5 & 6 graders -- any suggestions for short stories?

      Thanks loads! Lezlie


      "...it concerns three men who are about to be executed. The prison governor
      calls them to his office, and explains that each will be granted a last
      request. The first one confesses that he has led a sinful life, and would
      like to see a priest. The governor says he thinks he can arrange that. And
      the second man? The second man explains that he is a professor of
      cybernetics. His last request is to deliver a final and definitive answer to
      the question: what is cybernetics? The governor accedes to this request
      also. And the third man? Well, he is a doctoral student of the professor --
      his request is to be executed second."Joke Related by Stafford Beer
      October 2001
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