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15101A couple of interesting links

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  • Stolzi
    Jun 25 10:56 AM
      These were posted by Ray Schneider on his "Spare Oom" list:


      A follow-up to the earlier TV documentary THE MAGIC NEVER ENDS, which was
      shown at Mythcon 34, this documentary will be "discussing in detail the
      mythical and spiritual underpinnings in the writings of Tolkien, Lewis,
      MacDonald, Chesterton and Williams. " Still in production.

      And perhaps even more interesting, this:


      a set of well-researched pages on Narnia translations, produced by our
      Society's own founder, Glen GoodKnight.

      The "Bio" link is particularly interesting for those who don't know him.

      A couple of the clickable pictures at the Bio link got my interest, too: a
      quite different "Aslan" award, being presented by Glen in the early 1970's -
      by the early '90's, the evidence here suggests the Society had settled down
      upon its present Aslan statue.

      and this one


      makes you wonder why on earth Lewis was using this stationery, in 1959.
      Surely the post-war shortage of such items had ended by then? Cd it be
      something Joy Lewis was using? It just doesn't look, well, like CSL.

      Diamond Proudbrook