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15089Re: [mythsoc] A Middle English Reader and Vocabulary

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  • David Bratman
    Jun 12, 2005
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      Interesting that they should do this. It was a standard textbook for
      decades, and is thus not a hard book to find used, but by the same token
      it's likely to be riddled with notations left by previous owners. A new
      printing wouldn't have that, of course. I wonder what printing Dover used.
      According to my copy, which dates from 1948, the text of the Reader was
      corrected with the 1937 printing.

      Warning: it _is_ in Middle English, so it's not exactly light reading for
      the average curiosity-seeker.

      Background: _Fourteenth Century Verse & Prose_, edited by Kenneth Sisam
      (the original title) was supposed to appear in 1921 with a vocabulary (i.e.
      a short Middle English dictionary keyed to the selections in the text) by
      Tolkien. But Tolkien was late, and the first printing of Sisam appeared
      without it. It was published separately as _A Middle English Vocabulary_
      in 1922 (this separate edition is very rare). Subsequently the two works
      were issued in one volume. They still have separate title pages, however,
      and the words "With Glossary" on the spine of an old used copy will tell
      you at a glance that Tolkien's Vocabulary is included.

      David Bratman

      At 01:19 PM 6/12/2005 -0400, Wendell Wagner wrote:
      >Are people aware that Dover Books just published a reprint of _A Middle
      >English Reader and Vocabulary_ which originally came out (in two volumes) in
      > 1921
      >and 1922? This is an anthology of writings in Middle English edited by
      >Kenneth Sisam, Tolkien's tutor at Oxford, along with a vocabulary to
      >accompany it
      >by Tolkien. I presume that this has been out of print for a while and,
      >given that it's being reprinted by Dover, that it's out of copyright.
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