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15086RE: [mythsoc] Need help remembering a title SF

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Jun 11, 2005
      Yes, that's them !! Thanks David & Wendell.


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      My guess (since I haven't read them myself) is: The Ballad of Beta-2/Empire
      Star, by Samuel R. Delany.

      The blurb for _The Ballad of Beta-2_ says ". . . Joneny, a student of
      galactic anthropology, is given the assignment of finding the meaning behind
      ballad of a starship lost centuries before." The blurb for _Empire Star_
      ". . . Comet Jo, the cat-bodied star-wanderer . . . meets, in his travels:
      the Lump, a half-alien, half-machine; Ni Ty Lee, the suicidal poet of the
      the strange multiple consciousness called Jewel . . ." Does any of that
      sound familiar? I haven't read it either. My copy (from 1965) isn't in
      format. It's just one story after the other in a single paperback.

      Wendell Wagner

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