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15061RE: [mythsoc] Tolkien on Film: critique (long)

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  • Beth Russell
    May 28, 2005
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      There is a very good essay in the new "Tolkien Studies" about Tolkien
      and empire, showing a relationship between Rome and Gondor. (Book is at
      home and I don't remember title or author.)

      Tolkien may have preferred the simple government of the Shire -- but the
      Shire had to be protected by the last remnant of the Northern Kingdom.
      As Butterbur said, when the Rangers went away all kinds of baddies came
      in quick.

      I felt the Smith essay to be an expression of the self-loathing
      fashionable in the West for too many years. The categories were
      interesting, but the basic premise is worn out. Pax Romana. Pax
      Brittanica. Pax Americana. Those empires were not ideal. But the
      alternative is even less desirable. I lived through the final decay of
      the British Empire in Africa. Ugly. Very many parallels to early
      medieval times.

      Sigh . . .


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