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14595Re: [mythsoc] Pronunciation query:

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  • Stolzi
    Apr 11, 2005
      This is why reading to oneself is so comforting...

      I would guess (p)FIFFLE - TRIGGY. As much of the "p" sound as you can
      manage (think of Nero Wolfe saying "Pfui!") and accent the FIF (primary
      accent) and the TRIG. Hard G's.

      Best: find a pfifltrigg and ask him.

      Looking up that singular form, I found that pfifltriggi had crept in, rather
      oddly, to a big fancy Philosophy course.
      Read syllabus here:


      (Don't understand that bit about the Popcorn.)

      I also found two champion dogs whose breeder was obviously a Lewis fan:

      Ketka Pattertwig, CH
      Ketka Pfifltrigg, CH

      Diamond Proudbrook
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