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  • Walkermonk@aol.com
    Apr 4, 2005
      Dear List Members,

      I ask your indulgence to say a public "Thank You" to someone who changed my

      After years of wishing to find others who loved Tolkien and Lewis like I did,
      I had given up and decided that I was just alone. About 10 years ago, though,
      I met someone. Who not only loved Lewis and Tolkien but knew of others who
      shared our delight -- a whole passle of others, some even crazier than I was
      (and am)! Through this person's efforts, help, support, and friendship, I have
      been able to participate in Myth Cons, Oxonmoots, and this very list. I have
      read authors I would otherwise have never met (Neil Gaiman not the least of
      these!). I have formed friendships that have enriched my life beyond measure. But
      none have enriched my life more than my dear friend, Mary Stolzenbach. Today is
      her birthday.

      Happy Birthday, Mary. I can never thank you enough.

      Much love,

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