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14546Re: [mythsoc] Lovecraft volume now in "Library of America"

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Apr 3 11:37 AM
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      In a message dated 4/3/2005 2:25:23 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      lizziewriter@... writes:

      I like pretty books, and more than that I like sturdy books, but I get
      nervous of really nice volumes because then I am afraid of them getting
      beat-up when we read them. It would be nice if someone eventually weighs
      in on other volumes, in terms of collections and also commentary, although
      if you ask me, Lovecraft stands pretty well on his own. My introduction
      was many years ago, in the form of a paperback volume with the delightful
      (she says sarcastically) cover showing a flower growing out of a dead man's
      mouth. Anyone have that one?

      Does acid-free paper mean that after a dozen-odd years you can still fold
      the pages? Although I guess the ribbon is supposed to preclude that habit.

      There are a number of collections of Lovecraft already published, and there
      are undoubtedly going to be many more coming out eventually, each with
      different selections of what the editor thinks is the best of Lovecraft. Nobody has
      published a definitive edition of Lovecraft, I believe. I think the
      closest you can get to owning a complete set of his fiction is to buy a bunch of
      the older paperback editions of his works. Maybe someday we can hope for a
      complete annotated edition of his works.

      Acid-free paper means that the paper won't get yellow and hence won't break
      easily. It's not a good idea to fold a page for any kind of paper though.
      Anyway, acid-free editions will last much longer.

      Wendell Wagner

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