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14543Re: [mythsoc] Lovecraft volume now in "Library of America"

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Apr 1, 2005
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      I like pretty books, and more than that I like sturdy books, but I get
      nervous of really nice volumes because then I am afraid of them getting
      beat-up when we read them. It would be nice if someone eventually weighs
      in on other volumes, in terms of collections and also commentary, although
      if you ask me, Lovecraft stands pretty well on his own. My introduction
      was many years ago, in the form of a paperback volume with the delightful
      (she says sarcastically) cover showing a flower growing out of a dead man's
      mouth. Anyone have that one?

      Does acid-free paper mean that after a dozen-odd years you can still fold
      the pages? Although I guess the ribbon is supposed to preclude that habit.

      Elizabeth Apgar Triano
      amor vincit omnia

      > [Original Message]
      > From: Carl F. Hostetter <Aelfwine@...>
      > To: <mythsoc@yahoogroups.com>
      > Date: 4/1/2005 9:18:13 AM
      > Subject: Re: [mythsoc] Lovecraft volume now in "Library of America"
      > I'm coming to Lovecraft later than most here, so I can't really speak
      > to previous collections. But the mere fact that Lovecraft is being
      > recognized by inclusion in the "Library of America" series strikes me
      > as significant.
      > Furthermore, in my opinion, "LoA" volumes are attractive, and they are
      > certainly well-made (cloth covers, w/ ribbon, sewn signatures,
      > acid-free paper), which alone likely puts it ahead of most available
      > collections.
      > This collection includes 22 stories:
      > The Statement of Randolp Carter
      > The Outsider
      > The Music of Erich Zann
      > Herbert West -- Reanimator
      > The Lurking Fear
      > The Rats in the Walls
      > The Shunned House
      > The Horror at Red Hook
      > He
      > Cool Air
      > The Call of Cthulhu
      > Pickman's Model
      > The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
      > The Colour Out of Space
      > The Dunwich Horror
      > The Whisperer in Darkness
      > At the Mountains of Madness
      > The Shadow Over Innsmouth
      > The Dreams in the Witch House
      > The Thing on the Doorstep
      > The Shadow Out of Time
      > The Haunter of the Dark
      > Though no expert, that looks pretty comprehensive to me.
      > ----
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