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14538Tolkien and Women

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  • Stolzi
    Apr 2, 2005
      On this topic may I recommend a series of very interesting chapters in the

      THE UNCHARTED REALMS OF TOLKIEN by Alex Lewis and Elizabeth Currie.

      ISBN 0-9453207-0-0

      Not currently available from Amazon US, but you might try libraries, or
      Malcolm Lindley of the British Tolkien Society (who sold me mine) at

      It can also be obtained apparently from www.amazon.co.uk, 21 pounds plus
      shipping and a "hard-to-find" charge of 1.99 pounds "excluding VAT."

      The first of the chapters involved traces the whole history of "the woman
      question" through Tolkien's lifetime, and the remaining chapters are titled
      "Elves and Wild Women; The 'Silmarillion' ", "Lily-maids and Amazons in
      Middle-Earth", and "The Professor and the Mariner's Wife."

      Besides these you have in addition several rewarding chapters on other
      aspects of JRRT's writing.

      Diamond Proudbrook
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