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14533Danish, Swedish archaeologists announce vast underground city in North Sea

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  • Michael Martinez
    Apr 1, 2005
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      Maybe this will help brighten the mood around here.

      (Copenhagen, Denmark) -- March 30, 2005. Undersea archaeologists
      revealed for the first time today that they have been studying the
      ruins of an ancient city under the waves of the North Sea. The
      Undersea Ancient Habitation Project, jointly funded by the Danish
      Geography Authority and the Swedish Institute of Undersea Studies,
      has been conducted in secret for the past two years.

      "We were afraid that commercial interests would exploit this
      extraordinary find before it could be properly studied and mapped,"
      says Dr Stig Källén of the Swedish institute. "The site was first
      identified as a possible archaeological location in 2002 by a
      petroleum exploration vessel." Dr. Källén refused to identify the
      vessel or its operating company, citing a confidentiality agreement
      between the company and the two research organizations.

      The site reportedly covers an area of several dozen square
      kilometers, according to the 25-member research team. Two of the team
      members are from other European research organizations. "I was asked
      to participate in this project because of my experience with
      underground cities," says Dr. Reinhard van Gelder, on loan from the
      Royal Museum of Antiquities in Amsterdam. Van Gelder, who headed up a
      research team in the Alps a few years ago, wrote a controversial
      paper about an underground complex his team discovered in late 2001.

      Read the full article here:

      Michael Martinez
      Author of Understanding Middle-earth, Parma Endorion, and Visualizing