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14128Re: The Willow Maiden - a novel (was Re: [mythsoc] Re: Question about the ROTK extended)

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  • Carnimiriel Isilraen
    Mar 9, 2005
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      Alisson Veldhuis wrote: (responding to my post about my novel in progress)

      > I can sympathise with your struggles to
      >try to create your very own fantasy/mythological world, without copying that of others, since I myself am working on a novel now with a mythological theme. It is very enjoyable, but difficult. I too have only had close family member's read it, so it is hard to get objective views.
      Thank you for your comments! I hope your novel is going well. I'd be
      interested to hear about your novel. Feel free to respond off list if
      you don't want to post about it here.

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