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1410Re: [mythsoc] Baptism in Charles Williams

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  • Mary Kay Kare
    Apr 3, 2000
      ERATRIANO@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 04/03/2000 4:27:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      > johannakershaw@... writes:
      > << Williams has become
      > one of my favourite authors.
      > Now, if I could only get hold of them to buy... >>
      > It's been years, but I'd read a number of his books, and I've bought some new
      > and some used. If they weren't packed away I'd look at the publisher info.
      > I'd be surprised if they were out of print in the U.K. Actually I liked the
      > Arthurian poems better than the novels, and some books way more than others.
      > And I definitely needed C.S. Lewis' reading guide to get through the poems.
      > :-) I would check like Christian type book catalogs. ??

      Someone on one of my other lists found them in the bookstore at the National
      Cathedral--so church type bookstores might be good places to check as well. Uh,
      Charles Williams books that is.

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