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14077Re: [mythsoc] Digest Number 1832

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  • Katie Glick
    Mar 7, 2005
      > The "fire" side, I believe, is represented by the dragons who have been
      > awakened into the service of Daenerys (the princess who is the last survivor of the
      > old Imperial house). I don't pretend to know what Martin has in mind for his
      > characters, but I have a hunch that the conflict between Ice and Fire will
      > wind up as a marriage of the two, in the persons of Jon Snow and Daenerys.
      > Alexei

      I agree ... there is a lot of history in the books that has vague
      parallels to some real world history. The Starks are one of the few
      remaining ruling families who are descended from the "First Men," the
      first non-native people to come to the land.Because they are kings of
      the north, they are also strongly associated with snow and winter (and

      The Targaryens are descended from the last people to come and populate
      the land, who had an empire in eastern lands that suffered an unknown
      doom and from there they came west to settle in the land where the
      story takes place. They have dragon companions, which associates them
      with fire.

      I think it's called "A Song of Ice and Fire" because this is really
      the story of these two families, as well as a story that details
      happenings over a whole world. The events are set in motion by the
      kidnapping of a Stark woman by a Targaryen man well before the story
      even begins and although the story essentially begins with the
      shattering of these two families, I think it's clear that the
      remaining members of those families (and there are obviously more
      Targaryens remaining than Daenarys, who have yet to be revealed) will
      be the key figures in overcoming the chaos and conflict and the
      dangers that lurk beyond the wall in the north, ready to come out and
      wreak some havoc at any minute.

      In the end, I am not sure whether I expect the same marriage ... to me
      it depends on what Jon Snow's true parentage actually is, but I
      definitely expect that the country will only be united by some sort of
      alliance between the "ice" and the "fire."

      I truly love the way the story has been set up to give the reader many
      clues as to possible answers to the mysteries that underly the central
      plot so that there is a lot of good speculating you can do, but the
      answers are in no way obvious and there are lots of possibilities for
      what can happen from here.