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13951Re: Galadriel, NOT

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  • Katie Glick
    Mar 1, 2005
      Lizzie wrote:


      ... this is a custom Galadriel Barbie on a Breyer Percheron horse
      with "long flowing mane and tail" and a castle in the background. >>>

      That? Made my day. I think it was the "long flowing mane and tail" on
      the horse that got me. How does a horse manage to gallop around with
      that? I would think he would trip all the time. Very dangerous for
      fighting orcs and whatnot (hey, if Galadriel rides a horse, I am sure
      she fights orcs too). That would be a devil to keep clean, too.
      Especially since the horse is white.The end of the mane would probably
      be all scraggly and muddy after a day of bearing Galadriel barbie all
      over Lothlorien.


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