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  • Bonnie Callahan
    Feb 28, 2005
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      Hi Lizzie:

      Hmmm, bloody tragedy, that, shouldn't happen to a wee virus!!!!!

      Elizabeth Apgar Triano wrote:

      > .......But my real Struwwelpeter (after someone on this list who is
      > permanently
      > traumatized by that work) is the story ... is it The Red Pony? some bloody
      > tragedy that happens to a cold. Really really horrid.......

      I agree. Steinbeck's story cycle was so nihilistic, & the last story had no
      relation to the others,
      even after I read it three or four times. Was I missing something, fellow
      Mythies? Just a bit
      off topic, but still LIT.

      Oh, my bro & I grew up with Struwwelpeter, but it fit right in with the Poe &
      Lovecraft he was
      feeding me when I was all of 8 years. Not traumatized by that, more by nuclear
      war threats.


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