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13735RE: [mythsoc] Question about the ROTK extended

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Feb 20, 2005
      I like the "pwca." I like the Welsh spelling, of course. ;-) Sounds kind
      of like a Rowlings house-elf also.

      There is also MacAvoy's tale, I think it is called _The Grey Horse_? About
      a selkie. I think. There are a number of selkie stories in my book-boxes.

      Can girls be selkies too, or only mermaids and sirens? Koi-Lung wants to

      The DVD said that Tolkien based one language on Welsh, and another on
      Finnish. Could my interest in Welsh have been set off by all those
      readings of Tolkien early on? (That is my theory on jewelry also, all
      those ancient crafted things, heh, OK jewelry is a natural inclination
      though.) So there should be a big rush now for folks to learn Finnish, it
      should get trendy like Gaelic. I am not quite ready to make that a firm
      prediction, but my previous ones panned out well (petroglyphs and something

      I liked listening to things being read and having the words on the screen.
      I can't imagine having the time for much of that, but is there such a thing
      available? And for what work(s)?



      Elizabeth Apgar Triano
      amor vincit omnia

      > re. Pookah, Briggs has three entries. They're too long to type in, so
      I'll summarize.
      > (2) Pwca (pronounced "pooka"). The Welsh version. Does chores, but
      misbehaves when his rights are not respected. Loves to mislead travellers
      at night (will o' the wisp).
      > The best-known use of pookas ...
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