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13711Re: [mythsoc] Symphony season spans Middle Earth to stars

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  • Stolzi
    Feb 17, 2005
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      From: "David Bratman" <dbratman@...>

      > I see that another concert features Patrick Stewart narrating Gustav
      > Holst's "The Planets". "The Planets" doesn't come with narration, but I
      > suppose someone penned something for Stewart to say. It is a work I would
      > recommend to all Inklings fans if they haven't heard it, for the
      > that Holst portrays in this suite are the same medieval personifications
      > that Lewis uses in the "Descent of the Gods" chapter of _That Hideous
      > Strength_ - which differ from the personalities of the Greek gods and are
      > also not, so far as I understand it, identical with the planetary
      > influences of modern astrology either.

      Lewis also wrote a poem summing up these personifications. It is rather
      long (3 1/2 pages), it experiments with alliterative meter, and for those
      who wish to find it, in my edition of POEMS it is on the 12th page, and its
      title is THE PLANETS.

      It would be lovely if THAT were what Stewart is reading!

      Diamond Proudbrook
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