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13694RE: [mythsoc] Book of the Three Dragons

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  • Rateliff, John
    Feb 7, 2005
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      Hmm. I seem to be luckier than most, since I picked up a copy a month or two ago (at Borders, I think). Very much looking forward to reading it. I've delayed so far because I know that once I'm done there will be no more Morris left for me to read; re-reading will have to do.
      If anyone needs more encouragement to read it than (a) it was written by Morris and (b) it was edited by Doug, here's my plug, taken from an on-line piece I wrote about it the book:

      'Book of the Three Dragons is perhaps the single best fantasy adaptation from a real-world mythology (in this case, the Welsh Mabinogion), and the best of his tales (e.g., "The Saint and the Forest-Gods", "The Last Adventure of Don Quixote", and perhaps "Red-Peach-Blossom Inlet") are among the finest fantasy short stories ever written.'


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      > Yes, another of Doug Anderson's many projects. I'd not heard of this
      > before finding it in the bookstore a week ago. I bought a copy, too.
      > Who knew that Morris had written a different ending? As usual, we owe
      > many thanks to Doug.

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