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  • Rateliff, John
    Feb 2, 2005
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      Nice thing about this thread is that it inspired me to go back and listen to some of the things I had. I forgot to mention the Rosenman soundtrack for Bakshi's movie, which might be the only good thing to come out of that debacle. Not great, but enjoyable enough attempt at pseudo-Strauss. I've also been giving the three Tolkien Ensemble cds a fresh listening and think I seriously underestimated them, probably because the first one is the worst of the set; they get much better as they go along. The Bo Hanson holds up v. well.
      The de Meij I've decided I need to try a different recording of. Amazon.com lists three as currently available, from the London Symphony Orchestra, the Ensemble Vent et Percussion de Quebec, and the U.S. Marine Band; Rene's Tolkien Shop has seven: the Royal Military Band (doesn't say which Royal Military), the Amsterdam Wind Quartet, the Danish Concert Band, the Symphonic Wind Orchestra of St. Michael of Thorn (lovely name), Quebec's Ensemble Vent, "Anstel Music", and the L.S.O. Can anyone recommend or warn me off any of these? In the absence of specific suggestions I'll probably go with the Amsterdam Wind Quartet on the theory that if I'm going to listen to synthetic Stravinski or faux-Rite-of-Spring it'll sound better with wind instruments.
      Also in the course of tracking this down came across a book I hadn't heard of before, Richard Gekoski's TOLKIEN'S GOWN & OTHER STORIES OF GREAT AUTHORS AND RARE BOOKS (2004). Turns out the American edition of this is entitled NABOKOV'S BUTTERFLY; does anyone know which is the original? I'm curious whether the British publisher put Tolkien's name in to capitalize on sales or whether the American publisher took it out on the theory that nobody buys books with Tolkien's name in the title.

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